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F.A.Q - Frequantly Asked Questions :-)
1. Can I Have Rights?
-Once you are a fully qualified manager you will be given rites.
(rank 12 is a manager)

2. Why Does My Mission Have To Be Perfect?
-Because it looks respectable and sets an example to the rest of the members and people who want to join.
3. When is Pay?
-Pay is on Sunday for people who are rank 3+.

4. I'm a Trainee, what do i do?
-Trainee`s tell others how to get a job. If you do this well. You are sure to be promoted soon.

5. When am i a member?
-Once you have Done FULLY what the Purple Post-it says.  
6. Can i Be Promoted?
-You will be promoted when we think you have worked long enough and hard enough, being promoted is meant to be a challaging experiance. However you can donate a 3cred item to go up 1 rank :). Remember, pay is at rank 3 on Sundays...Before 9pm!!!  Or you miss it!!!


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